Monasterio de San Pedro de Cardeña (ES)Monasterio de San Pedro de Cardeña (ES)Monasterio de San Pedro de Cardeña (ES)
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Cistercian Abbey

E-09193 S.Pedro de Cardeña (Burgos) SPAIN
The Cistercian monastery of Cardeña is located in Burgos, which is in Castile.  This Spanish community became a member of the International Trappist Association (ITA) in December 2014.
According to tradition, this monastery was founded in 534 by monks from Monte Cassino who had been sent by St. Benedict.  Two hundred monks were martyred there in 953.  Until 1835 this was a Benedictine monastery.  In 1942 the community of San Isidro restored the monastery, and in 1948 it became a Cistercian Abbey.
At present, the economy of the monks of Cardeña has four sources of income :
First of all, the well known table wines, marketed under the traditional name "Valdevegón", are aged in the monastery's wine cellars.  Their Romanesque cellars provide exceptional natural conditions for aging and storing these wines.  
In addition, the community produces two kinds of herbal liqueurs marketed under the brand name "Tizona del Cid".  These liqueurs, when used with moderation, promote good digestion.
The monastery of Cardeña also has a ceramics studio.
Recently the monks have begun aging pecorino goat cheese, which is also marketed as "Valdevegón".
These products are sold online as well as in the monastery store.