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Soleilmont (B)

Since January, 2008, the sisters of Soleilmont have been selling home-made biscuits in their Monastery Store.


    Tilburg (NL)

As was the case with their bread, the monastery guests provided the initiative for the monks to start selling their cookies/biscuits at Koningshoeven’s Monastery Store.  The monks had been baking cookies for the guests for their coffee breaks and they were a real hit!

After a bit of experimentation, two varieties of butter biscuits are now being offered: 

  • the smaller ones for coffee breaks 
  • larger biscuits for snacks.

The smaller biscuits are served in the guesthouse and in the Brewery’s Tasting Room. The larger variety can be purchased at the guesthouse in 250-gram bags.

The brothers have designed a special cookie cutter so that all their biscuits are imprinted with the logo of the monastery.  Once someone has sampled the cookies/biscuits in the guesthouse or in the Tasting Room, they usually go to the Monastery Store and ask to buy more!

At present, two monks bake biscuits one day a week and a group of four monks come one afternoon each week to package the biscuits.  Besides Koningshoeven's Store, these cookies are also sold at one other Monastery Store.






Mariawald (DE)