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Clairefontaine (B)

Every Tuesday and Friday, the sisters of Clairefontaine bake bread, raisin bread, sweet rolls, and cake. 
They sell their products in their Monastery Store.

Soleilmont (B)

Every Friday the sisters of Soleilmont bake white bread, light wheat bread, whole wheat bread and multigrain bread. Anyone who visits the Monastery Store on Friday can buy fresh bread; other days, frozen bread can be puchased there. 

  Koningshoeven (NL)

A few years now, the monks of Koninghoeven Abbey (Tilburg) once again began to bake their own bread for use in the community and the guesthouse.  Then their nearby Trappistine sisters asked if the monks would be able to bake bread for them as well.  Stimulated by requests from their guests, and after having modernized their bakery to meet current legal standards, they also began baking bread for their Monastery Store.

At present, the monks bake three kinds of bread:

  • Whole wheat bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • Spent Grain Bread ; this bread was developed especially for the customers at the Monastery Store and is made by substituting spent grain, a by-product of the beer-brewing process, for some of the wheat flour.

The entire baking process, as well as the sale of the bread, is in the hands of the monks.