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Decorative candles

Brecht (B)

The sisters of Brecht have a candle atelier where they make candles in all shapes and sizes (round, pyramidal, cylindrical, etc.) with meaningful texts or images for various occasions.  Custom-made candles can be ordered for special occasions, for example, a wedding candle.  It’s also possible to request that a personalized text be placed on a candle. 

All their candles are available in their own Monastery Store.

Klaarland (B)

The sisters of Klaarland have a candle atelier where they make delightful candles in many different shapes and colors.  This is only one of their many monastic activities.  They use a wide variety of pouring methods to achieve unusual results.  Each candle is unique in its own way – a creative play of colors and surprisingly beautiful when taken from its mold.  Really worth while if you’re looking for a gift!  These candles are truly hand-crafted.
Several sisters are involved in this lovely traditional craftwork, made to order, with endless color variations.  Each candle is carefully packaged and labeled with Klaarland’s logo.  .

The candles can be purchased at the Monastery itself.