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  Chimay (B)


From of old, the area around Chimay has been known for its beef cattle and its cheese. Chimay’s cheese is produced according to a strict monastic tradition, using an exclusive milk from local dairies, thus ensuring the rich taste and authentic character of this cheese. 

Grand Chimay :
“Grand Chimay” is an authentic Trappist cheese, made from the delicious, fresh, creamy milk of the area around Chimay. The soft texture and smooth taste ensure an exceptional product.

A la Chimay Rouge:
“À la Chimay Rouge” cheese is washed with “Chimay Rouge” Trappist beer. It is made from the delicious, fresh, creamy milk of the area around Chimay. An amber-colored interior with a smooth, creamy texture lies hidden beneath the natural ocher-colored rind. The characteristic taste of hops combined with a touch of peachy apricot gives a slightly bitter taste.

Old Chimay:
”Old Chimay” cheese is made using selected whole milk. It’s a hard cheese, pressed, uncooked, and allowed to age in the cellars for at least six months, giving it a hazelnut-taste with a slightly bitter tang.

Le Poteaupré:
A semi-hard cheese made from whole milk, uncooked and ripened for four weeks. Washed in brine, the ocher-colored rind is covered with a lovely layer of fine white. The round shape, the soft smooth texture, and the distinct taste make this cheese a real winner among Trappist cheeses.

Le Chimay Doré:
An all-natural, creamy and flavorful cheese. It has a golden rind and a slightly creamy texture, characterized by its exquisite balance.

A la Chimay bleue:
Entirely in keeping with the monastery's philosophy of creating complementary gastronomic products, Chimay’s master cheesemakers have developed a cheese with a titillating profile.
During maturation, this cheese is washed with Chimay Blue beer, which gives the cheese a strong taste, perfectly compensating for the slight bitterness of the hops. The result is a cheese in which the flavors of malt and yeast from the beer come together in perfect balance. The 100% natural edible rind harbors the aroma of Chimay Blue at its best. It is, after all, the crust which comes into contact with the beer.


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