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Several years ago Engelszell decided to revive a long tradition, dormant for many years, by offering a new “Trappist” cheese. The monks had brought a cheese recipe with them when they fled from Mariastern, but this recipe did not meet contemporary criteria. At the request of the community of Engelszell, their friends at the Cistercian monastery of Stift Schlierbach produced three different types of cheese on a trial basis in their large, modern cheese facility. One of these cheeses was ultimately chosen by the monks of Engelszell as being the cheese product most closely resembling the original Engelszell cheese. Since then the cheese facility of Stift Schlierbach has been regularly producing Engelszell cheese. This cheese carries the name “Bio-trappistenkass Engelszell” [Biological Trappist Cheese Engelszell] and is a sliced cheese with a soft washed rind, available in stacks of about 1 kilogram and in stacks of 150 grams. This cheese is sold primarily in the Monastery Store and at the large Monastic markets.