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 Koningshoeven (NL)

The LA TRAPPE cheeses


From now on, LA TRAPPE is not just the trademark for beers from Koningshoeven Abbey, but also for their cheeses. The cheese production facility was developed according to principles of sustainability and ecology. Recently LA TRAPPE cheeses also received the SKAL certification for organic products.

The Monks of Koningshoeven produce several cheeses:

- Two varieties of goat cheese: one is natural; the other contains fenugreek or herbes de Provence mixed with sun-dried tomatoes.

- Cow’s milk cheeses: one is natural and the other is a Trappist beer cheese (containing Isid’Or, Dubbel and Quadrupel beers).

All of these LA TRAPPE cheeses are being sold in Koningshoeven's monastery store, as well as in a number of other monastery stores and places which sell local artisanal products.