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  Westmalle (B)

In addition to the bakery and the brewery which are within the walls of the Abbey of Westmalle, there is also a farm and a cheese production facility. The farm's large cow barn is designed for milking, and a great deal of that milk is used to produce cheese. In this way, true to their tradition, the monks ennoble a basic commodity like milk by turning it into a quality cheese.The monks age the cheese for 2 months, 6 months, or 12 months, which produces three flavors called 2+, 6+ and 12+. The flavor becomes more intense with increasing age.

The cheese is sold in the monastery store, in the Trappist Cafe across the street from the monastery, and in many cheese specialty stores and butcher shops.


Westmalle's Trappist cheese is a semi-hard, aged cheese, prepared with thermized rather than pasteurized milk, according to their tradition. The cheese is lightly salted (just 1% salt) and is made without any added flavoring, coloring or preservatives. Its homogeneous texture is well suited for slices and cubes. The flavor is soft and mild.