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   Koningshoeven Abbey - Tilburg (NL)

Since 2006, the monks of this community have been making chocolates and selling them in their Monastery Store.

They offer the three usual varieties:  

  • milk chocolate
  • dark chocolate
  • white chocolate

Each variety is also available in two sizes:

  • as a gift box containing 15 small squares.
  • as a large chocolate bar weighing approximately 120grams.

All their chocolates are made using molds containing the logo of the monastery, which results in this logo being clearly visible on each piece of chocolate.

They have also begun making "Quatruffles".  These truffles are cream-filled chocolate balls, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in cocoa powder.  The cream filling contains their Quadruple beer.  “Quatruffles” are a sweet caress for the tongue!

Two monks produce all of Koningshoeven’s chocolates. 

All their chocolate products are sold in Koningshoeven's Monastery Store.

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