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Priory Our Lady of Klaarland (B): Brewer's Yeast Tablets

Brewer's yeast from Chimay, packaged and distributed by the sisters of Klaarland Priory.

This pure Trappist brewer's yeast from the Trappist Brewery in Chimay is dried and processed by a specialized company to form tablets.
The Trappistine sisters of Klaarland carefully and attentively package these tablets in small boxes and distribute them to a number of sales outlets in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.

Outstanding monastic work, in cooperation with the Trappist brothers of Scourmont!

These brewer's yeast tablets are 100% natural, containing all the good qualities of the yeast used to brew Trappist beer: vitamin B, proteins...

A 160-gram box of Trappist Tablets contains approximately 400 tablets.
The recommended dosage is 10-15 tablets per day.

Trappist Tablets can be purchased at Klaarland Priory itself, as well as in other monastery stores in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands.
They can also be ordered at levure@priorijklaarland.be for mail delivery.