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Around 1930, a Swiss pharmacist sold the recipe for his “Magenbitter” to the Trappists of Engelszell.  “Magenbitter” is a stomach elixir made from 42 herbs.  The traditional method of using alcohol to prepare these herbs has been preserved, with the exact proportions of the herbs remaining the monks’ exclusive secret.  “Magenbitter” is especially appreciated for its salutary effect on the digestive process when drunk either before or after meals.  It is sweet.  The non-sweetened variety for diabetics is called “Goldbitter.” 

The production of various other liqueurs with natural aromas has developed in the train of the very popular “Magenbitter”:

  • Apricot liqueur – made from apricot
  • Egg liqueur – made from egg yolks
  • ‘Chococrème’ – made from cocoa powder
  • Blueberry liqueur – with raspberries, blackberries, black currants and red currants
  • Cumin liqueur
  • Walnut liqueur
  • Herbal liqueur – with a blend of 18 herbs
  • Three liqueurs made from distillates:  one of herbs, one of juniper berries, and one of rowan berries
  • Graue Eminenz - Egg yolk liqueur with poppy seeds
  • Haselnusscreme - Egg yolk liqueur with hazelnuts

Most of the liqueurs can be purchased in bottles containing 2 cl., 20 cl., 50 cl., or 70 cl.
There are also 4 types of gift packaging available:  one containing a 50 cl. bottle;  one containing a 20 cl. bottle and a liqueur glass;  one containing two 50 cl. bottles and two liqueur glasses; and also a lovely box with 12 liqueurs in small 2 cl. bottles.

Sales Outlets :

  • In Stift Engelszell’s Monastery Store
  • In other Monastery Stores: Schottenstift in Vienna, Stift Lambach,  Kloster Schweiklberg in Beieren (Benedictine),  St. Florian in Reichersberg (Augustinian), Stift Schlierbach in Heiligenkreuz (Cistercians of the Common Observance)
  • At the large “Monastic Markets” in Austria and in Beieren
  • In a few “secular” stores in Upper Austria.

For deliveries, you can place your order via:
tel. +43 (0)7717 801027
fax  +43 (0)7717 20420
e-mail   likoererzeugung@stift-engelszell.at
www.stift-engelszell.at (+ online-shop)