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Greeting cards - Greeting pads

Klaarland (B)

One of the sisters from Klaarland makes greeting cards and greeting pads.  Another sister paints in her free time, and her drawings and paintings are then made into cards.

The most popular among our collection of greeting cards are surely the sand and flower cards, made with dried flowers and fine sand.  The results are beautiful and each card is unique!  Some cards are simply decorated with flowers and sand, while others are also provided with a text.

This technique has also been adapted for making small pads as well, which we call “greeting pads.” Using sand and flowers, icons and texts, this work is playfully creative.

Obviously, a lot of work goes into making these cards and note pads.  First of all, at the peak of the flower season, enough flowers, leaves, grasses, and seeds need to be gathered.  Then they all have to be carefully dried so that the colors and the shapes remain intact.  This kind of work gives you a chance to view the beauty of nature from another perspective.

The greeting cards and pads are for sale in the Priory itself.