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Liturgical vestments

Brecht (B)

Nazareth Abbey in Brecht (B) has a traditional atelier where the sisters make liturgical vestments. All their work is custom made to order: vestments for priests, altar cloths, religious habits, academic and juridical robes, clothing for processions, etc. Ministers, preachers, pastoral workers, both men and women, are all welcome, preferably by appointment.

tel. +32 (0)3 313 92 50+32 (0)3 313 92 50 ~ fax +32 (0)3 313 43 54
e-mail; atelier.nazareth@telenet.be


Klaarland (B)

Several sisters in Klaarland Priory make handwoven liturgical vestments such as chasubles, priest’s stoles, deacon’s stoles, albs, antependia and altar cloths.  The customer can choose from various colors and designs and can also indicate the type of fabric desired.  This makes each liturgical vestment unique!

The sisters use their own handwoven fabrics, woven on a traditional loom, a process which requires quite a bit of muscle power as well as rhythm from the sister in question.  When the fabric is taken from the loom, it goes to the sewing room where another sister turns it into an exceptionally beautiful chasuble or stole or….

The sisters also use purchased fabrics to make liturgical vestments.

It is recommended that you telephone in advance to make an appointment whenever you would like to have a look at the selection of vestments which we have on display and possibly place an order.

tel. +32 (0)11 44 61 69+32 (0)11 44 61 69 ~ fax +32 (0)11 44 60 44


Soleilmont (B)

One or two sisters work in Soleilmont's atelier for liturgical vestments where they make albs, stoles, chasubles and altar cloths, almost entirely custom made to order.

tel. +32 (0)71 38 02 09+32 (0)71 38 02 09 ~ fax +32 (0)71 38 56 62
e-mail: sol.communaute@belgacom.net


Spencer (USA) - The Holy Rood Guild

The Founders of the Cistercian Order are said to have described themselves as pulchritudinis studium habentes - those intent on Beauty, the Beauty of holiness, the Beauty of God. Perhaps it was this same love of Beauty quickened by necessity which inspired three monks of Our Lady of the Valley in Rhode Island to open a small vestment shop in the undercroft of the abbey church. There they would sew chasubles, copes and stoles for their own sacristy. The year was 1949. Soon visitors were requesting vestments like those they had seen during the monastic liturgy, and The Holy Rood Guild was born.

The monks are now assisted by a group of highly skilled tailors. For over fifty years The Holy Rood Guild has been creating vesture of beauty and distinction to fittingly express the reverence, love and devotion which the Church brings to her celebration of the Sacred Liturgy.

You can place your order on : www.holyroodguild.com