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Monasteries | Abdij Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Nazareth - Brecht (B)

Abdij Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Nazareth
Abdijlaan 9 ~ B-2960 Brecht
tel. +32 (0)3 313 92 50 ~ fax +32 (0)3 313 43 54
e-mail: trapp.nazareth@telenet.be




Our Lady of Nazareth Abbey, founded June 25, 1950, has 26 sisters at present. They operate three businesses where all the work is done by the sisters themselves:  “Trapp;”  an atelier where banners and flags are made;  and a liturgical vestment atelier.  In addition there are many other non-lucrative monastic activities, including work in the kitchen, the infirmary, the bakery, the laundry, as well as bookkeeping and housekeeping chores.


"Trapp" is a small-scale soap industry begun in the early 1960’s, ten years after the foundation of the monastery when there were still a lot of young sisters and they were searching for a source of income for the community.  They began making a detergent containing ingredients which could all be produced within the monastery.  Later, bubble bath, shampoo, and a floor cleaner were added.  A few years ago they also added bars of natural toilet soap to their assortment of products.  Up until two years ago, all the ingredients had been produced within the monastery itself, but now the sisters buy a number of the ingredients in bulk and then complete the production process (with coloring, scents, and additives) and packaging themselves.  Most of the production is done by hand.
As far as possible, the sisters try to offer environmentally-friendly products.  The sisters make the bars of natural toilet soap from scratch using pure vegetable oils and fats.  In addition, they also offer ecological shampoo, bubble bath, shower gel, and dishwashing liquid.  Their floor cleaner is also made from vegetable ingredients.
These "Trapp" products are sold in their own Monastery Store as well as in other (monastery) stores.

Banner and Flag Atelier and Liturgical Vestment Atelier

There is a Banner and Flag Atelier in the monastery where hand-crafted banners and flags are made to order.  This is one of the few remaining ateliers for this traditional art form in Flanders.
There is also an atelier where liturgical vestments are made.  This is the place to find garments used by deakons, pastoral workers, etc.

Monastery Store

The sisters have a small Monastery Store at the entrance of the monastery where they sell their own products as well as greeting cards, candles and books.