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Monasteries | Clairefontaine (B)

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Clairefontaine
Cordemoy ~ B-6830 Bouillon - BELGIUM
tel. +32 (0)61 22 90 80 ~ fax +32 (0)61 22 90 81
e-mail: accueil@abbaye-clairefontaine.be and magasin@abbaye-clairefontaine


Our Lady of Clairefontaine, better known locally as Cordemois Abbey, is located 3 kilometers west of Bouillon, on the right bank of the Semois River.

A community of 27 sisters presently lives the monastic life there, supporting themselves with economic activities which are relatively simple, thus enabling the sisters to meet their own needs without having to depend on employees.

Their guesthouse has 25 rooms and is operated completely by the sisters.  It’s open for guests year-round with the exception of the month of January.

The sisters also have a bakery where delicious breads and biscuits are baked and then sold in their Monastery Store.

Within the monastery there are also ateliers for ceramics, silk painting, and other creative handicrafts.  The lovely works created by the sisters can also be purchased in their Monastery Store.

In addition, there is a farm where donkeys, horses, sheep and goats find a good home and help maintain the meadowlands.  The sisters themselves do all the farm work – simple manual labor proper to Cistercian spirituality.