Mount Saint Bernard Abbey (GB)Mount Saint Bernard Abbey (GB)Mount Saint Bernard Abbey (GB)
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Monasteries | Mount Saint Bernard Abbey (GB)

Mount Saint Bernard Abbey
Oaks Road, Coalville 
Leicestershire LE67 5UL
Great Britain

Email: monks@mountsaintbernard.org

The Trappist monastery of Mount Saint Bernard (Leicestershire in the United Kingdom), became a member of the International Trappist Association (ITA) on March 6, 2017. 

Mount Saint Bernard Abbey was founded from the French monastery of Melleray in 1835. Throughout its history, the size of the community has fluctuated. The average number of monks over almost two hundred years corresponds to our present reality of 25, between the ages of 91 and 31.

True to Cistercian tradition, our monks have always been farmers. We still cultivate the land, keeping both a vegetable garden and an orchard. In 2014, however, we decided to give up our dairy farm, no longer financially viable. At present, our livestock is limited to the hens that provide the community with eggs.

We are currently exploring ways of developing our artisanal economy, and are delighted to be able to benefit, in this regard, from the experience and expertise of the AIT.