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Monasteries | Soleilmont (B)

Abbaye Notre Dame de Soleilmont
Avenue Gilbert 150 ~ B-6220 Fleurus - BELGIUM
tel. +32 (0)71 38 02 09 ~ fax +32 (0)71 38 56 62
e-mail; sol.communaute@belgacom.net


Our Lady of Soleilmont Abbey is hidden away in the green of the forests of Fleurus, near Charleroi in Belgium.  The first traces of the monastery go back to the 12th century, but most of the monastery’s buildings were destroyed by a raging fire in 1963.  Since 1973, a new monastery has been located a short distance from the old one.  In this renewed framework, Soleilmont Abbey carries on its sober monastic life lived in community, ever truly seeking God.

The sisters earn their living by baking table bread and Eucharistic breads as well as by making liturgical vestments and other art works.  All their products are displayed in their Monastery Store, where books and other religious articles are also sold.