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Poteaupré Inn and Monastery Store - Chimay (B)

Poteaupré Inn and Monastery Store are located just a stone’s throw away from Scourmont Abbey.  There you will find a wide selection of  Trappist beers and Trappist cheeses from Chimay for sale. 
They also have gift boxes and baskets containing six 33 cl. bottles of beer as well as products on which the Chimay logo is imprinted, such as glasses, caps, sandstone beer mugs, etc....

Chimay's Brewer's Yeast can also be purchased here in tablet form (“Trappist Tablets”: a dietary supplement).

The Monastery Store also sells a variety of traditional products from the area such as “escavèche” (a fish specialty), farm butter, monastery bread, etc. 

The Inn is more than just the Monastery Store.  It’s also a tavern where Chimay’s Trappist beers and cheeses can be tasted.
In addition, there is a first-class hotel with 7 luxurious rooms where you are received in a peaceful and natural environment.

Large parking area.
Large playground for children.
Accessible for persons with limited mobility.

Closed each year from mid-December until the end of January.

Opening hours: please click here 

Rue de Poteaupré, 5
B - 6464 Bourlers
Tel : +32 (0) 60 21 14 33+32 (0) 60 21 14 33
Fax : +32 (0) 60 21 44 04
e-mail: poteaupre@chimay.com