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Each Trappist/Trappistine Monastery provides one or more services which benefit persons or organisations outside the community. 

These services can take on various forms:

  • Financial support for projects for disadvantaged persons
  • Several guestrooms for persons who would like to make a retreat, or who would like a taste of the monastic spirituality that the brothers and sisters live (if you are interested, contact the guesthouses of the monasteries directly)
  • A Monastery Store selling their own products, products from other monasteries, and traditional products from the area 
  • A religious Book Store  
  • A Tasting Room for their own products  
  • A tour of the ruins of an old monastery  
  • A virtual tour or an audiovisual tour of the present monastery and the monastic life as it is lived today.

The monasteries themselves are not open to the public.

In the following pages, you will find detailed information about the Monastery Stores and Book Stores.