Soaps, shampoos and shower gelsSoaps, shampoos and shower gelsSoaps, shampoos and shower gels
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Soaps, shampoos and shower gels


Brecht (B)

Presently the assortment of body-care products consists of:



Egg shampoo:
a nourishing shampoo made according to a traditional recipe. The addition of egg yolks gives your hair a healthy shine.

Green shampoo:
a mild shampoo for frequent use.

Spring shower gel and bubble bath: 
gives you a refreshingly comfortable feeling due to its skin-friendly pH value.

Heather bubble bath:
a pleasant bubble bath with a sunny smell. The added oil prevents dry skin by maintaining its moisture level. 

Duo shampoo-shower gel:
a handy means of caring for both your hair and body on a daily basis.

Eco shower gel and bubble bath with ethereal lavender oil:
made from all-vegetable ingredients. The ethereal lavender oil provides your day with a relaxing beginning or end.

Eco shampoo:
made from all-vegetable ingredients. It strengthens and cares for your hair.



Since 2001, the Abbey produces also natural toilet soaps. They are made by the sisters in the traditional way using vegetable facts. Each soap bar is unique. No artificial coloring is added. Four kinds of natural toilet soaps are available:

Oatmeal soap:
The oatmeal in this soap causes a peeling effect which softens the skin. Is has a fresh, citrus scent.

Lavender soap:
This soap with its often lavender scent contains real lavender, grown by the sisters themselves. Besides its pleasant scent, lavender is also known for its generally beneficient effect on the skin: desinfecting, relaxing and strengthening.

Comfrey soap:
This soap contains comfrey, a herb native to the area and traditionally known for its revitalizing effect on the skin. Prolonged use rejuvenates the skin. This soap is strongly scented with rosemary, eucalyptus and lavender.

Olive oil soap:
Olive oil is the main ingredient in this soap. Since Biblical times, olive oil has been known for its beneficient effects on human skin, desinfecting the skin and keeping it soft and supple. This soap contains no perfumes. 

Horse milk soap:
Natural horse milk soap (containing 8% horse milk) is also available at the monastery. This milk has an especially beneficient effect on the skin and is recommended by dermatologists for persons suffering from psoriasis or eczema.

Some small transparent children's soap are also sold at the Monastery. Some bars are imprintes with the image of an animal (a chicken, a lion or an elephant) and others contain a small toy animal.

Bath salts:
Brecht Abbey also sells bath salts; a natural product made from Atlantic sea salt and ethereal lavender oil.

All of these products are available at the Monastery Store.