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TRE FONTANE: Italian Trappist Beer

This top-fermented beer is brewed according to a recipe belonging to the community of Trappist monks at Tre Fontane. Brewed with the “Tre Fontane Trappist Yeast”.
It has a deep gold color, with a pronounced flavor that is moderately fruity. The aroma of eucalyptus accentuates the fruity taste in the mouth, while the bitterness of hops balances the sweetness.
The high carbonation gives the mouthfeel a pleasant dry finish. The mildly sweet aftertaste comes from the soothing flavor of eucalyptus herb which cleanses and refreshes the palate. While the beer gives the impression of being light, it has abundant body. The high alcohol content adds a warm, refined feeling to the soothing highlights of the eucalyptus.




ABV: 8.5 %.
Bottles of 75 cl and 33 cl.

This beer is sold only in Tre Fontane's monastery store and a few restaurants in Rome.