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 Achel (B)

  • “Five Brown”:  a clear, dark red/amber color, not made from sugar so that the pure mild taste remains fully intact.  5% ABV
  • “Five Pale”:  a clear golden pale ale with a richer, full-flavored taste.
  • Brewed with the typical 'Trappist Yeast Achel'
  • And don’t forget the pale “Eight” in the bottle:  a light, cloudy, golden ale with a full, refined taste.
  • Since May 2, 2002, there is also the Achel Extra Brown, 9.5% ABV

Of all the Trappist beers produced by Achel, only the “Eight” is bottled.  The “Five,” both pale and brown, is only available as a beverage in the monastery guesthouse.