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  Chimay beers (B)




“Red Chimay”  (Chimay with the red bottle cap)

“Red Chimay,” also called “Première” in the 75 cl. bottle, received its nickname from the fact that it’s the first beer that the Trappist monks brewed.
This beer is known for its copper color and its creamy head.  The fermentation process gives “Red Chimay” a light apricot aroma.  The flavor in one’s mouth confirms the balance which the fruity nuances of the aroma disclose.  Its taste is a silky sensation on the tongue, with a refreshing, slightly bitter tang, pleasantly puckering the palate and adding to the quality of the taste of this beer.  This beer is 7% ABV.

“White Chimay” (Chimay with the white bottle cap) or “Triple”:

“White Chimay” was developed in 1966 by Father Théodore, who isolated the yeast needed for the fermentation process in Chimay.  It’s the latest addition to the beers produced by Scourmont Abbey and, in the 75 cl. bottle, is nicknamed “The Five Hundred.” 
This beer is characterized by its golden color and is quite misty in appearance, with a really fine head.  The aroma of “White Chimay” is a pleasant mixture of fresh hops and yeast.  The scent of hops influence the taste in one’s mouth, which can be characterized as a tang of nutmeg and raisins.  The aroma accentuates this bitter tang, but it’s never astringent – just a slightly bitter aftertaste that melts in the mouth.  This beer is 8% ABV.

“Blue Chimay”  (Chimay with the blue bottle cap)

“Blue Chimay” is nicknamed “Grande Reserve” in the 75 cl. bottle.  It’s also available as “Magnum” (150 cl.) and “Jeroboam” (300 cl.).  Originally it was a Christmas beer, developed by Father Théodore in 1948.  It’s success quickly led to its year-round production.
This beer is known primarily for its being a strong beer, with the aroma of fresh yeast pleasantly mingled with the light tang of the perfume of roses.  It’s rather dry taste has a spicy touch of caramel flavor to it.  This beer is 9% ABV.
Special Qualities:  “Blue Chimay” is the only beer which carries the year in which it was brewed.  Of all the Chimay beers, this one keeps the best.  When it is stored in a cool, dark place, the taste of this beer improves with the years



The art of tasting

Red Chimay” and “Blue Chimay” are best drunk at cellar temperature, between 10º C. and 12º C.  This temperature gives “Blue Chimay” a real richness for body and soul!  “Triple” should be served a bit cooler, between 6º C. and 8º C.  “Blue Chimay” and “Red Chimay” may also be served a bit cooler, at about 8ºC, this cooler temperature making both beers especially thirst-quenching.

Besides the fact that Chimay is best consumed at a very precise temperature, this beer also deserves to be poured into a real Chimay glass.  This glass is indispensable:  the chalice shape allows the aroma and the taste of “Chimay” to really come into their own.  Hold the glass at a slight angle and pour the beer slowly, without interruption, making sure that neither the glass nor the foam head touch the bottle.  Finally, leave one centimeter of beer in the bottle.