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  Chimay (B)

Chimay Blue Cap is a dark Trappist beer with a powerful aroma. Originally, the monastic community developed it as a Christmas beer in 1956. This brown beer is characterised by a slightly floral, rosaceous touch combined with a pleasant smell of fresh yeast. Its foam is thick and creamy brown. Its powerful and complex aromas contain a hint of fine spices, with a caramel note in the mouth. When stored in the cellar, the complex flavour of Chimay Blue Cap continues to improve as the years go by.

Chimay Triple, with its golden colour, achieves a rare balance of mellowness and bitterness. This amber beer gives off a smell of fresh hops and yeast. Its foam is fine and snowy. Its aromas contain a fruity hint of muscat and raisins, created by the hops. 

Chimay Red Cap is the oldest of the Chimay beers. In 1862, the monks of Chimay produced their first beer according to the monastic traditions of natural brewing. This brown beer, with its coppery red colour, gives off a light, complex aroma with hints of fruit, of apricot. Its foam is firm and smooth. Chimay Red Cap has a silky taste with a slight touch of bitterness. 

Chimay Gold, a beer previously reserved for members of the monastic community, their guests and their colleagues, is now available on the market. This light, blonde beer gives off a subtle aroma of orange peel and has a foam as light as snow. Its taste reveals a delicate combination of fresh hops and coriander.















 Website Chimay beers: www.Chimay.com 

The art of tasting

Blue Chimay and Red Chimay are best drunk at cellar temperature, between 10º C. and 12º C. 
This temperature gives Blue Chimay a real richness for body and soul!
Both varieties may also be served a bit cooler, at about 8ºC, this cooler temperature making them especially thirst-quenching.
Chimay Triple and Chimay Gold should be served cooler, between 6º C. and 8º C. 

Brewed with the typical "Trappist yeast Chimay". Besides the fact that Chimay is best consumed at a very precise temperature, this beer also deserves to be poured into a real Chimay glass. This glass is indispensable:  the chalice shape allows the aroma and the taste of Chimay to really come into their own.
Hold the glass at a slight angle and pour the beer slowly, without interruption, making sure that neither the glass nor the foam head touch the bottle.  Finally, leave one centimeter of beer in the bottle.