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  Stift Engelszell (Austria)  


Gregorius presents itself with a deep dark chestnut color. Honey from the region and the vinous character of the French-Alsacian wine yeast create stunning sweet-sour notes on the palate. A slightly tart chocolate-fragrance is accompanying the warming finish of this solid Trappist beer.


 Benno’s appearance is a stunning reflection of the amazing colors of a sunny day in autumn in the Danube valley.


The yellow gold color of Engelszell’s Nivard shimmers in the glass, crowned by a fine, compact, snow-white head. The intense fruity notes of the Trappist yeast begin to unfold in the nose, developing a pleasant bitterness on the palate, and finishing with a full-bodied herbal brightness.

 Since these three Trappist beers carry the collective trademark, registered by the ITA, the Authentic Trappist Product label may be used on the bottles.

The names of the three beers (Gregorius, Benno, and Nivard) pay tribute to three monks who served as superior or abbot in the course of the history of the community of Stift Engelszell. Brewed with the "Engelszell Trappist Yeast".
Stift Engelszell
Stiftstrasse 6
A - 4090 Engelhartszell 

























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