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Beer Mont des Cats (F)

A recipe that is authentic and original!

“Mont des Cats” is a beer with a subtle character, characterized by equilibrium. Brassée avec la « Levure Trappiste Mont des Cats»

The appearance
The amber-colored beer from Mont-des-Cats wraps itself in a golden mantel of dark-colored malt interwoven with a subtle blend of the best barley France has to offer.
The beer has a rich, refined head which is lovely and long-lasting due to the large quantity of hops in the recipe.
The beer can be drunk clear or slightly turbid, depending on whether you pour out the natural yeast sediment found at the bottom of the bottle, the result of post-fermentation.

The aroma
The prevailing smells of “Mont des Cats” are the fruity aromas released by the yeast during the fermentation process. You can also smell the aroma of carefully selected hops, with light floral and citrus accents.

The taste
“Mont des Cats” has a pleasantly round mouthfeel, with the equilibrium of an amber beer. The dark-colored malt adds a subtle caramel aroma to the fruity and floral accents. The fresh bitterness is splendidly balanced by a softly bitter aftertaste.

Why was “Mont-des-Cats” beer created?

The life of a Trappist community of the Order is not an established fact.
It's primarily a question of a monastic charism seeking a balance between a life of prayer and concrete involvement in economic reality. Today this reality involves taking into account new challenges, especially the challenge of collective responsibility.

In this sense, the community of Mont-des-Cats is also responsible for the viability of their monastic foundation in Madagascar, in spite of great poverty.

As in every human family, sharing income and cultivating material values is an authentic way of life. For Mont-des-Cats this takes place within a commitment and close collaboration with the community of Chimay and its industrial activity.

For this reason, “Mont-des-Cats” could be called a “solidarity beer,” brewed by Chimay Abbey for Mont-des-Cats Abbey.

This beer differs from the other Trappist beers only in the fact that it is not brewed by Mont-des-Cats in their own monastery. That is why Mont-des-Cats beer is not eligible to carry the ATP label.

The name “TRAPPIST” is a designation of origin

Every product which comes from a monastery of Trappist monks or nuns (of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance) is entitled to carry the name “Trappist”: cookies, chocolate, mushrooms, bread, detergents, cheese, liqueur, beer, etc... Therefore, all products originating in the 160 Trappist monasteries throughout the world are referred to as “Trappist products.” This applies to “Mont-des-Cats” beer as well, for it is brewed inside a Trappist abbey, namely Scourmont. These products do not have to carry the logo in order to be designated “Trappist”!

The “AUTHENTIC TRAPPIST PRODUCT” logo is a certification

The logo can only be granted to monasteries which are members of the International Trappist Association (20 members), and only if they satisfy a number of conditions, including this one: the product must be produced within the monastery which markets the product. Therefore the Trappist beer “Mont-des-Cats” is not eligible to carry the logo, but this in no way detracts from the fact that it is a quality Trappist beer.