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 Westmalle  (B)

Following a long tradition, Westmalle’s Trappist beers are brewed using only natural ingredients:  water, barley malt, real hop cones, sugar, and home-grown brewer’s yeast “Westmalle Trappist Yeast”.  These lively beers continue fermenting in the bottle so that the flavor is continually evolving – no two glasses are alike!  The taste depends especially on the age of the beer, the way it has been kept, how it is poured and the temperature at which it is served.

Both beers are packaged in gift boxes for special occasions and are available from retailers of specialty beers.  

Westmalle's Double 

is a dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer whose fermentation process continues in the bottle.  The cream-colored head has the aroma of a special malt and leaves the imprint of a lovely lace pattern on the sides of the glass.  The flavor is rich and complex, spicy and fruity, with a refreshingly bitter after-taste.  It’s a balanced, quality beer with a soft feeling in the mouth, followed by a long, dry afterglow.

“Double” is 7% ABV and available in 33 cl. bottles and 75 cl. bottles.  You  can also drink this beer from the tap in a number of selected restaurants and cafés.

 Westmalle's Tripel 

is a clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that continues to ferment in the bottle for three weeks.  It’s a complex beer with a fruity smell and a lovely, nuanced smell of hops.  In the mouth, it’s soft and creamy with a bitter tang, partly due to the fruity aroma.  An exceptional beer with finesse and elegance and a delightfully long afterglow.

“Triple” is 9.5% ABV and is available in 33 cl. bottles and 75 cl. bottles.