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Products | Trappist beers | Trappist Spencer (USA)

  Spencer (USA) 

 For more info about Spencers Trappist brewery and Trappist beers, look at http://spencerbrewery.com. Brewed with the “Spencer Trappist Yeast”.

Spencer Trappist Ale
Inspired by traditional refectory ales brewed by monks for the monks’ table, the Spencer Trappist Ale is a full-bodied, sunrise-hued Trappist ale with fruity accents, spicy notes, clean finish and light hop bitterness.
ABV 6,5%.
  Spencer Trappist
Holiday Ale

is a feastday ale in the Belgian Noël tradition. Mahogany in color and lightly spiced, this fragrant ale is profoundly balanced. ABV 9%.

Spencer Imperial Stout
A massive, roasted, malt-forward American Trappist take on the Anglo-Russo Imperial Stout tradition. Luxuriantly frothy foam, waves of coffee, chocolate and caramel sensations, a generous blend of dark fruit flavors. Intense and robust. ABV 8,7 %


Spencer Trappist IPA
Inspired by American brewcraft creativity, Spencer IPA is crisp, fragrant, and golden-hued. Generously hopped, bright, bitter – one of a kind.
ABV 7,2 %


Spencer Feierabendbier
Straw colored with a light, creamy head. Traditional noble German hops provide herbal notes, a floral nuance and the classic light closing bitterness. Crisp, clean and refreshing - perfect after a day at work.
ABV 4,7 %


Fragrant, robust and full bodied, this classic Trappist Quadrupel is mahogany in color and crowned with a dense, tan, frothy head.  

Its malt forward flavor profile yields to a warm finish.  ABV 10.2%