The best known Trappist products are the Trappist® beers. Thirteen abbeys which are members of the International Trappist Association brew and sell their own beer. The breweries are all equipped with high-quality brewing installations which guarantee the quality of Trappist® beer.

  • Achel - Achel Trappist®, produced by the Achelse Kluis brewery.
  • La Trappe - La Trappe Trappist® produced by Koningshoeven Abbey.
  • Chimay - Chimay Trappist® beer, produced at Scourmont Abbey.
  • Rochefort - Rochefort Trappist® produced by Our Lady of Saint-Remy Abbey in Rochefort.
  • Westmalle - Westmalle Tripel, Dubbel and Extra Trappist®, produced by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Abbey in Westmalle.
  • Westvleteren - Trappist® Westvleteren, produced by Sint-Sixtus Abbey in Westvleteren.
  • Zundert - Zundert Trappist®, produced in the brewery at Maria Toevlucht Abbey.
  • Stift Engelszell - Trappist® beer produced by Stift Engelszell Abbey.
  • Mont des Cats - Mont des Cats-Trappist® beer, produced by the abbey of the same name in French Flanders.
  • Spencer Trappist - Spencer Trappist® produced by Saint Joseph’s Abbey.
  • Tre Fontane - Tre Fontane Trappist®, produced by the brewery at Tre Fontane Abbey.
  • Cardeña - Cerveza Cardeña Trappist®, produced by the Monastery of St. Peter of Cardeña.
  • Mount St. Bernard - Trappist® beer from Mount Saint Bernard Abbey.
  • Orval - Orval Trappist®, produced by Orval abbey.







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